Our Trustee Services Encompasses


  • Creation of trust for individuals and corporations.
  • Drafting of the trust deed.
  • Acting as corporate trustees and administering the assets in accordance with the trust deed and the letter of wishes.
  • Prepare and maintain trust accounts on the basis of principal and income accounting.
  • Make distributions to the beneficiaries.
  • Provide a Protector, where required.
  • Protect and ensure the safe custody of documents.
  • Establishing and administering Asset Protection Trust allowing clients access to their assets free of interference, seizure or freezing.

Estate Planning


A&O offers comprehensive advice and assistance with the establishment and administration of various forms of trust and asset management.

Regardless of where your assets are located, we offer tailor made financial planning and wealth management solutions that will preserve and enhance the value of your wealth.

This involves a thorough analysis of your personal situation that is, your nationality, residence, objectives for your inheritance etc. The solution proposed may take the form of a will, a gift or a change of residence or the setting up a trust.

Trust allows flexibility in the acquisition, enhancement, preservation and transmission of one’s property with greater confidentiality and optimal tax planning within a strict legal framework. It also protects against claims based on foreign expropriation and exchange control laws.