What We Can Offer You

We have excellent, committed, reliable and competent trust and corporate officers with extensive experience in structuring client’s affairs, registering trusts, holdings and corporate entities and in administering them. Our philosophy is based on partnership. By building close working relationships with our clients we believe we are better able to understand and meet their individual needs in a professional and responsive manner.

We pride ourselves on being not just legal advisers, but integral and value added members of each client’s business team.
A properly configured and managed IBC, also quoted as “Offshore Company” can provide substantial tax benefits, protect assets, improve business efficiency, reduce costs and maintain confidentiality.
Trust allows flexibility in the acquisition, enhancement, preservation and transmission of one’s property with greater confidentiality and optimal tax planning within a strict legal framework.
Structuring of investment funds. Offshore entities and trusts. Intellectual property: patent, trademark, copyright and technology transfer.