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Our Services

Company Management

We pride ourselves on being not just legal advisers, but integral and value added members of each client’s business team.

Trusts Services

The solution proposed may take the form of a will, a gift or a change of residence or the setting up a trust.

Offshore Company Management

A proper IBC can provide substantial tax benefits, protect assets, improve business efficiency, reduce costs and maintain confidentiality.

Other Services

Trade support and related services – documentary credits and trade financing.


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    Our main focus is in the formation and administration of companies and trusts for clients worldwide, inclusive of proper business solutions for each one’s needs, including tax planning, minimizing high risk investments, and asset protection advisory.
    By building close working relationships with our clients we believe we are better able to understand and meet their individual needs in a professional and responsive manner.
    Contact us to learn more about our services, or for a personal consultation regarding a unique situation.